• Image of String necklace

Made with strings of Kofu, an old Japanese fabric, taken from a used Kimono and carefully hand-washed. Studded with gold-plated beads.

Material: silk (Kofu), gold-plated beads
Size: 55 cm approx. (inner circumference); 80 cm approx. (outer circumference)
Color: red/multicolor


Collar de cuerda (Kofu)

Hecho con cuerda de Kofu, una tela extraída de Kimonos usados, lavada a mano y planchada cuidadosamente, y perlas de oro chapado.

Material: seda (Kofu), perlas de oro chapado
Size: 55 cm aprox. (interior); 80 cm aprox. (exterior)
Color: rojo/multicolor